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  1. All women must respect other women.

  2. All men must respect other men and women. No means no.

  3. No hating on each other. No trying to talk to a guys date when he get’s up and goes to bathroom, to get mixers or food.

  4. No down talking another guy to impress a female member.

  5. No taking pics with your phone or live streaming with your phone.

  6. All members must sign in at the front with membership team at every event for quality control.

  7. Our events our like Las Vegas “what happens here, stays here.”

  8. Strict dress code for men. No athletic apparel. No sneakers, basketball shoes, fashion sneakers or tennis shoes. All men are required to wear hard bottom dress shoes. No exceptions.

  9. All our events are Bring Your Own Alcohol. NO Mixers allowed because we sell mixers, Sprite, Coca Cola, Orange Juice, Pineapple and Cranberry at the juice bar. You can bring coolers and we sell the ice set ups.

  10. Do not break rules 1 – 9 or you will get your membership revoked and banned from our membership group and VIP events.

NOTE: Make sure you do not share the password or address with any non-members.

Always Hiring: LS Dancers, LS Body Paint Artists, LS Hostess, LS Subs, LS Juice-Tenders, LS DJs & Security